Musical Chairs

A child's education should not be a game of musical chairs. Yet, a staggering 57 million children around the world, 8 times of the total population of Hong Kong are being denied of education, and are trapped in an unbreakable cycle of poverty. These children want to learn and grow and they would need your help.

Schooling is always a modest dream of every child.

How Sponsorship Works

Child sponsorship is a way of giving that connects one compassionate person (like you!) with one child in need. Sponsoring a child gives her the chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe – forever changing the course of her life and future. And you just might find that it changes you, too.

Sponsor a child today

For just HK$9 a day, you can sponsor a child in need.

You'll receive a welcome kit, with a photo and other info about your sponsored child.

Letter exchange

You have the opportunity to communicate and establish a friendship with your child via mail.

Watch your child's life change

You'll get to know your child and soon experience the true joy of helping transform a child's life and future. We'll keep you updated on progress, too.

It takes just HK$9 a day to change a child’s life. Every dollar, every month, changes lives.