How to Communicate With My Child

After you become a Child Sponsor with Save the Children, you will receive a Child Sponsor Welcome kit with child photo, and orientation materials to help you get your sponsorship started. Get to know more about your child’s country, the use of your donation and how to communicate with your child.

Your child will write you the first letter within 2 months. You are also welcome to write to and receive correspondence from your child at any time.

Each year, you’ll receive an Annual Sponsorship Report designed to let you know how your sponsored child is progressing in school and in other areas of his or her life. Along with your update, you’ll receive a new photo of your child!

We will send you regular e-newsletters to keep you informed about our work and the impact we’re making together for children around the world.

Donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible. An annual receipt for monthly donation will be issued every April for tax return.

Yes, of course! Correspondence can be one of the greatest joys of sponsorship. We encourage you to correspond with your sponsored child regularly (three or four letters a year is recommended) so your sponsored child can learn about you and you can learn more about them! As you are looking to build a connection, it is best to limit the number of people who correspond with the child. Writing a letter on behalf of your family, or even having your child/grandchild correspond, is recommended so multiple people can be part of the experience. Sending photographs with your letter is also a great way for sponsors to connect with their sponsored child and for the child to put a face to a name. When sending photos, sponsors should ensure that every person in the image is appropriately dressed and the photo is culturally sensitive.

Modest gifts that fit into a C5 envelope (229mm x 162mm x 2mm) and individual items should not exceed HK$70, such as stickers, activity sheets, and colouring books, may be sent to sponsored children. However, please be aware that gifts can be lost in unreliable postal systems and gifts we deem inappropriate will not be sent to your sponsored child. Only gifts that can be shared with all children should be sent, individual gifts can sometimes cause jealousy among children.

Please see below for types of items that are not permitted:

  • Apparel (e.g. clothes, coats, shoes)
  • Accessories (e.g. hats, scarves, ties)
  • Breakables (e.g. glass items and dishware)
  • Food/Candy
  • Large, extravagant gifts (e.g. bikes, skateboards)
  • Liquids (e.g. bubbles, perfume, toothpaste)
  • Money
  • Personal hygiene products (e.g. body wash, makeup, soap)

It is not permitted nor safe to send cash directly to the child. Additional monetary gifts (over and above your monthly sponsorship donation) are always appreciated, and those funds will be applied to the programs that support your sponsored child and his or her community. If you wish to help your sponsored child’s community with an extra gift, please contact our sponsor support team.

Yes! One of the great delights of being a Save the Children sponsor is having the chance to visit your sponsored child — to meet face to face, interact in person and further strengthen the bond you’ve formed.

Save the Children will organise annual group visits regularly for sponsors to see their sponsorship contributions in action. You’ll be able to visit — and maybe participate in — sponsorship-funded programmes in your child’s community and meet local Save the Children staff.

The first group trip will be coming in 2018! Details will be announced soon.

All letters should include your sponsor ID, the name of your sponsored child and his or her child ID on both the inside and outside of the item. If you are missing any of this information please contact our sponsor support team by 3160 8786.

Yes. No matter which language you choose to communicate with your child, you will receive the original letter of the child. If you want to receive a Chinese translation, we will deliver the translation with the original.

If you are sponsoring a younger child, you will receive updates about your child from a special person in that child’s life – a family member, teacher or other caregiver. As your child grows older, you will experience the joy of seeing that child develop through the drawings and letters he or she begins to send you. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that your sponsorship support and encouragement helped make that healthy development a reality!

As many sponsored children are developing their reading and writing skills, short and thoughtful messages are best. To get to know your sponsored child better, you may wish to ask about their daily life, family and friends. Your sponsored child will be delighted to learn more about you as well, so sharing similar information is the easiest way to start a relationship. To further your correspondence, you may want to research traditions or holidays in your sponsored child’s community and ask about them. They, too, may take interest in hearing about your family’s traditions. Overall your messages serve as a reminder that someone outside of their community is thinking of them, and your correspondence, whether by mail or email, will certainly be cherished.

Please note: For the protection of you and your sponsored child, please do not include your address, email or phone number in your letters and emails or ask your sponsored child to provide their contact details.

The average letter will take about 3 months’ time to receive a reply. Translation and the postal system where your sponsored child lives may cause delays. Please also keep in mind that depending on the time of year, children may be observing a school break or holiday. Although the wait time is long, you will cherish the reply!