Child Protection and Safety

Save the Children is committed to protecting the rights and security of our children who are involved in our sponsorship programme. The photograph and personal information of the child may only be held by the sponsor of our Child Sponsorship programme. When the sponsor shares the photo and information of the sponsored child online, please hide the information that can identify the child, like child ID, specific location or any sensitive information.

If the child’s personal information is exposed online, Save the Children may request the sponsor to delete or modify the post.

To protect sponsored children and sponsors like you, Save the Children does not permit communication of any type that bypasses country offices. For this reason, the sharing of personal contact information (email address, home address, telephone number, etc.) is prohibited.

If you are contacted by your sponsored child, or their family, outside of communications sent by the country office, we ask that you refrain from responding and immediately contact our sponsor support team.

Ensuring children are protected from harm is critical to Save the Children’s work. With almost 100 years working to protect children, we have extensive experience and expertise in designing strategies to keep children safe.

We are committed to ensuring that our Child Sponsorship programmes create safe environments where children are protected and not only survive, but also succeed in life.

We take our responsibilities for protecting and promoting the rights of children very seriously. We are confident that our sponsors like you will join us so that together we can do our best to ensure that the children we help remain safe.

In our efforts to keep children safe, we monitor the letters and gifts sent to sponsored children. To protect the privacy of all parties, we do not allow children and sponsors to exchange contact information or full names and require that all correspondence be sent to our field offices.

An application form, release form and a background check are required. All visits to sponsorship areas must be coordinated by the country office and are fully supervised; visits are never to the child’s home. Unannounced visits to our country offices are unacceptable.

No. For child safety and protection reasons, all communications with the child are facilitated through Save the Children.