Sponsor a school

Child Sponsorship at organisation level has proven to build loyalty and engagement among it’s stakeholders. Your organisation can unite for a common purpose to break the cycle of poverty in the sponsored communities.

By sponsoring a school your organisation will achieve the following:

  1. Create generational change
  2. Develop a unique bond with children via letters and visits
  3. Unite for a meaningful cause and build loyalty

Sponsorship Funding Ideas

Together with your employees or students, you can help us save more!

Group fundraising

Host events or group activities to fundraise and use the proceeds to sponsor a school, don’t forget to create some friendly competition!

Individual gifts

Rally your organisation to support the Child Sponsorship Programme, leading by example.

Matching fund

Organisations can match their members’ donations to achieve the necessary funding.

4 Key benefits of organisational partners

Become pen-pals

Get together for a fun and meaningful opportunity to exchange letters with your sponsored children. We will provide information on our programmes and local customs.

Visit the sponsored community

Visit the Child Sponsorship Program your organisation funds. You will return with a strong sense of fulfilment and desire to do more for the Program.

Volunteering your skills

Partner with Save the Children on a project-by-project basis to help provide support, such as translation, marketing, business and technology solutions.

Get engaged through learning

Save the Children team is happy to visit your organisation to host tailored and interactive presentations on program updates.

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