Globally in 2016, with the support of earnest people like you and our partners

We reached more than 157 million children in 120 countries

Truly independent for children

We are an international independent organisation without political agenda nor religious orientation

Nearly 100 years of service

Social reformer Eglantyne Jebb, together with her sister Dorothy Buxton, founded Save the Children in London in 1919

Our 2030 ambition

We will do whatever it takes to ensure all children survive, learn and are protected by achieving three global breakthroughs by 2030

2016 Global Result


We work every day to give children in Hong Kong and around the world a healthy start in life. We continue to be at the forefront of global efforts to end preventable child deaths, with a focus on maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition, alleviating hunger, and preventing and treating HIV/AIDS.

36.2 Million
Children have a healthy start in life

2016 Global Result


In Hong Kong and around the world, we work every day to give children what every child deserves – the opportunity to learn, and learn early, so they can develop the critical skills they need to succeed in school and life. In addition, we equip youth with job training and life skills to set them up for success as they transition into adulthood.

13.8 Million
Children have the opportunity to learn

2016 Global Result


Save the Children is on the ground every day ensuring children are protected from harm, including abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence, and we promote a safe family environment for every child.

3.8 Million
Children are protected from harm

2016 Global Result


When crisis strikes, and children are most vulnerable, we are there – as we have been for every major humanitarian crisis since World War I. We are always at the ready – among the first to respond and the last to leave. We deliver lifesaving emergency relief and stay as long as it takes to ensure children and families can recover and rebuild their lives.

6.6 Million
Children are helped
Global humanitarian emergencies are responded

How we use our funds

Save the Children works to ensure the funds we raise are used in the most effective way possible to achieve our mission. We are constantly striving to increase the percentage of total operating expenses spent on programs impacting children. Below is our financial position in 2016, financial situation in 2017 will be announced mid-2018.