Lift the entire community
Make a lasting impact for future generations

With your support, we work with a community for 8 to 10 years to develop programs in a long run, until they are able to become self-sufficient.

Eager for your letters
Great encouragement for your sponsored child

You are encouraged – but not obliged – to build a friendship with your sponsored child. Their carefully drawn pictures and treasured words will enable you to share in the daily joys and struggles of your child's life as they grow and prosper.

Visit the community yourself
Witness the change you have made

Field group visits will be held at the end of 2018 to see your sponsorship contributions in action. You'll have the chance to meet your sponsored child and meet local Save the Children staff.

Make a Difference

My parents are my best teachers

“I really like counting stones and creating stories together with my mom.” Bao, a 6-year-old boy lives in a needy community of Lao Cai. Despite living in a poor village, Bao’s parents understand the importance of education to their son’s future, a future with knowledge and without poverty. However, like the majority of ethnic minority parents who have been illiterate or have not finished primary school, they do not know how to support their children in gaining essential school readiness skills at home.

In 2016, Save the Children launched Early Literacy and Math at home. This program engages illiterate or low education level parents in regular workshops, to share simple games and activities that they can do at home with their children. Bao’s mom was once worried because she thought teaching will be difficult. However, after participating in this program for over one year, she can now design a study corner with a lot of alphabets for her children to learn from early ages. Every day, she often teaches them how to count the number of chopsticks and bowls in the meal and classify different types of vegetables. Bao often listens to his mom's lessons attentively and is fond of the games. He also has a lot of fun while playing with his younger sister.

Alongside lessons with his mother at home, Bao also studies hard at class. “My next goal is to write letters to my dear sponsor by myself”, Bao said. When he grows up, his dream is to become a soldier to protect his hometown.

A Little is A Lot

Do something truly life changing

2,549,842 children benefited from our sponsorship programs solely in 2016. This year, let's create more numbers for us to be proud of.


We entered 43 new sponsorship communities in 2016. You will be helping us reach every last child.


Over 37,000 parents learned how to best support their children’s early development in 2016, giving them a strong foundation for a brighter future.


We trained more than 6,000 teachers in 2016 so that girls and boys can receive the quality education they deserve.


We treated over 418,000 children in 2016 for parasitic infections that lead to malnutrition and anemia, meaning that now they can focus more in school.

The most treasured gift is...
Your correspondence

Around the world, many former sponsored children tell us that letters became a wonderful treasure and source of encouragement they read time after time. In fact, many children keep these letters throughout their lifetimes!

Visit the community yourself
Witness the change you have made

Sponsors field visit

Save the Children Hong Kong will organise group trip at the end of 2018. You will meet your sponsored child face to face and further strengthen the bond you've formed. You'll be able to visit — and maybe participate in — sponsorship-funded programmes in your child's community.

[Details will be announced soon through sponsors' regular communications]

How will my sponsorship donation be used?

Your sponsorship commitment helps us achieve immediate and lasting impact for children

Our experience has taught us that the most effective way to help children is by combining your sponsorship with those of other sponsors and donors - rather than just giving it directly to your sponsored child. This ensures that children in sponsorship communities, who may never have the opportunity to have a sponsor of their own, will still benefit from your support and our programs.